Refer a Client To Me and Earn a 25% Referral Fee

Real Estate Agents,

Are any of your current or past customers interested in property in Florida? Perhaps they have mentioned they are in the market for investment with steady income potential? Maybe they have always wanted to own a second home for easy vacations? Or have you heard them talk about making a big jump to relocate somewhere near the beach?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I would love to connect with you! I am always looking to collaborate with agents around the country and help your customers find a property on the Space Coast of Florida. I am excited to offer a referral fee of 25% to any agents whose customer buys a property with me.


Here's why I would be a good fit for your referrals:

You Could Add an Easy Revenue Stream

If any of the customers you refer purchase property with me, I am offering a 25% referral fee to the referring agent. We all know the challenges of the current atmosphere and market and this is an effortless & passive way to create a new income stream. You can have confidence that handing off your customer to me means they will be in good hands.

Why Choose the Space Coast?

With the heart of the Space Coast named one of the top 25 best places to live in the nation as well as one of the top 10 best-performing cities in the nation in 2020, the Space Coast is perfect place to buy real estate RIGHT NOW. The Space Coast is classified as Cocoa Beach (on the Northside) to Vero Beach (on the Southside) on the Atlantic Ocean. The location is ideal as it is right on the beach but only approximately an hour east from Orlando and all that metropolis has to offer.

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You will also find:




If you are interested in finding out more about the Space Coast, investment opportunities for you or your customers or working with me in any capacity, please feel free to email me or give me a call. I look forward to working with you!