Sebastian / Micco / Grant-Valkeria

The Beauty of Sebastian

Florida's foremost fishing and surfing spot on the east coast, with a vast array of activities and attractions for eco-lovers, adventures seekers and relaxation enthusiasts. Sebastian is home to some of the best surfing in the state. Pelican Island, America's first National Wildlife Refuge, and is also known for its unspoiled beauty, diverse fishing - from world-class inland fishing to deep-sea fishing adventures. You'll find pristine waterways perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding, scenic pontoon & airboat tours, world-renowned skydiving, and abundant birding and wildlife viewing. Sebastian is also known for the rare antiquities that have washed up on its beaches. A shipwreck from the 1715 Spanish Fleet left many treasures along Sebastian's coast, and many treasure hunters continue to search the shoreline for other artifacts. Stroll the quaint riverfront adorned with dockside restaurants serving the freshest seafood and marinas harboring fishing and sightseeing boats.